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Turtle Tank Build and The DIY To Date

I have not posted a project entry for the Turtle Tank Project the last couple of weeks, but I have been keeping our followers on Twitter up to date.  If you want to see up to the minute updates and extra pics not on the site, follow us @FishTanksMore.  It has been crazy how much […]

Top 6 Aquarium Maintenance Tips for You

Fish are one of the most amazing pets you can ever have. The various colors and shapes of fish give a unique experience to your eyes every day.  An aquarium adds a different kind of décor to your home. Over time, the fish inside it almost become family to you. As an obligation, making sure […]

Benefits of a Fish Tank in your Office

We can spend more time in our office than we do at home so anything we can do to make the environment more pleasant and beneficial to our health has to be a good thing. Adding a fish tank to the office could be just the boost your workplace needs. Aquariums are renowned not only […]

RO/DI Water Filters: What You Should Know?

As a new fish tank owner the words RO/DI wouldn’t be making much sense to you.  Though, you probably understand water filtration. It is an absolute must for the health of your fish. Many people don’t understand the type of filtration needed in their tanks.  That’s where RO/DI units for filtration come in. To keep […]

Aquarium Buying Guide: Tank Features

Setting-up a new fish tank is no piece of cake. You have to know exactly which of its features will be perfect for you.  Buying an Aquarium is a big decision. It just doesn’t affect the aesthetics of your home. You also have to keep it well-maintained. An aquarium buying guide includes everything you need […]

Aquarium Cycle and New Fish Tanks

Aquarium cycle is an important process that you should know when starting a new fish tank.  It goes by many names, like nitrogen cycle, break-in cycle, start-up cycle, or new aquarium cycle.  When it kills off your fish, it is known as new tank syndrome.  Let’s look at what makes up the aquarium cycle, and why it […]

Should I Worry About Nitrates In My Aquarium?

Aquarium Maintenance is a difficult job! It is not just about feeding the fish and cleaning out the tank. You have to know about the chemicals that are affecting the ecosystem of your fish tank such as aquarium nitrates.  Many people who are just starting out with their aquarium wouldn’t have an idea about these […]

How to Control Aquarium Algae Growth?

Algae growth is a very common problem for a freshwater fish tank to have. It is not such a bad thing if you can keep it under control.  When it starts to cling on tank walls and decorations, then you have to watch out for it! You can control algae growth if you keep it […]

Distractions, Home Improvement and The Turtle Tank Build

We didn’t get much done on the turtle tank this last weekend.  If you were following on Twitter, I made the mistake of looking at the stain colors for the tank stand.   As we were looking at the stains, we started looking at the entertainment center, the hallway that I just covered with wood, and […]

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