Turtle Tank Concept

The tank and stand design will incorporate a sump, basking area and chord and wire hide.

My High Level Plans

I am going to try some things I have never attempted and some things I have done, but just want to do better (Not in any specific order):

  • Electrical plugs placed in just the right position for hiding the wires.
  • Run two water lines through the walls and the attic to the laundry room where I have my RO/DI system and sink. I am hoping to hit a switch to drain water to the laundry room and open a valve to fill water to the tank. No more siphoning water and carrying buckets.
  • Build a stand that has the interior optimized for sump maintenance.
  • Have water detection devices placed within the stand to identify leaks.
  • Build the canopy to hide the turtle lamps (UV and Heat lamp)

Project Costs

Let’s see how much this project costs in the end.

110 Gallon X-High DeepBlue Reef Ready Aquarium

Beverly’s Pet Center $634.94

Electrical Outlet Install

Electrician $350.00

Tank Stand Frame Materials

2×3 8′ Boards $24.00

2 1/2 Inch Wood Deck Screws $8.58

Miscellaneous Items for Build
  • Knape & Vogt P2417TAN48 Plastic Sliding Door Track $15.98
  • 2 of Exo Terra Background, 18-Inch by 24-Inch $33.98
  • 2 of JACKYLED Extension Hanging Lantern $15.98
  • Green Dream Artificial Grass Area Rug – Grass $19.99
  • Zoo Med Combo Pack Turtle Lamp $18.99
  • 60 Count Clear Plastic Suction Cup Sucker Pads with Hooks $11.59
Stand and Water Line Costs (Attic Work)
Background Paint

Paint $40.95

Additional Building Materials

28×15 Basic LED Puff Light $47.58
More Clamps $37.90
#20 Biscuits $7.97
Wood Glue $4.47
Cable Ties $4.48
Additional Wooden Boards $45.84
Plexiglass for Windows $18.01


Plumbing The Sump

Tubing, PVC, Connectors, Etc. $86.87

Pumps and Technology

Aquastation dc-9000 Silent Swirl Controllable DC aquarium Pump $94.99

Current USA 6009 1050 GPH eFlux DC Flow Pump $139.99

Mylivell Aquarium Heater 300W Submersible Fish Tank Water Heater Thermostat $13.99

Smart Wifi Plug Compatible with Amazon Alexa Echo 37.99

Zilla Incandescent Dual Bulb Reptile Fixture, 20-3/4-Inch, Black $36.64


Substrate and Decoration

2 of Exo Terra Background, 12-Inch by 18-Inch $28.98

Carib Sea Super Naturals White Sand 40 lbs $39.98

2 of Exo Terra Turtle Pebbles, Large $19.98


Running Cost: $2256.08

($2956.08 if you include the AC Repair)

This is a running total, and will change as the project progresses.
Check back each week to see changes.


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