Turtle Tank Video and Photos

Today I want to share some turtle tank video and some turtle tank news.  The turtle tank has been settling in and I have been fine tuning the sump.  The sump socks need to be changed every three days. For best performance of water throughput I need to change them, or find a new solution.  I can’t change them that often, so I am going to try a filter cup in one holder and a nylon sock in the other.  I am hoping this will get me to at least a weekly cleaning of the sump filter components.  I will keep you posted.

Camera in The Canopy to Capture Turtle Tank Video and Stills

I have added a camera into the canopy of the turtle tank so that we can get picks and video of the turtles when they come up out of the water.  I went cheap and bought a $25 dollar Wyse Camera, and the quality and clarity of the camera is pretty good.  It is better than I expected given the low price.  The only bummer is that it does not have a way of viewing the video through a browser.  I was hoping to make a live feed of the camera available here on the site.  For now, I will have to manually load the pics and the videos.  I will try to capture some good pics to post on Twitter and Instagram.

Turtle Tank Just After Feeding Time

I decided to get some video of the turtles this morning.  I wasn’t thinking, because they are most active right at feeding time.  I only thought about it after all but a few pieces of food were left.  I will try to get a good video of them during feeding, but it is hard to feed and get video.  If I am being perfectly honest, I am happier sitting there in the morning watching them eat while I drink a cup of coffee.  The clarity and blue background is like having a large screen television to watch in the morning.  I call the show “Morning Moment of Zen.”   I hope you enjoy the video and please make comments below.

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