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8 Things to Know about a Refugium

If you are fish hobbyist you may have heard the word refugium.  But what exactly is it and why do people use it?  A refugium is used to make separate sections in an aquarium. It allows sharing of water of the main tank in separate areas in an attached or inclusive space. The word refugium […]

Aquarium Plumbing: Hard Plumbing vs. Flexible Tubing

When you talk about aquarium maintenance,  plumbing is an aspect you can’t overlook. There are essentially two types of plumbing. You can either go with hard plumbing or flexible tubing. Scroll down and decide for yourself which plumbing is the best for your aquarium! Hard Plumbing – PVC Pipes Hard plumbing uses PVC pipes. PVC […]

Biological Filtration: The Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle

A healthy aquarium requires proper filtration. It can be of 3 types, mechanical, chemical and biological filtration. Mechanical filter physically strains the water to remove fish waste, the leftover fish food, dust or sludge polluting the water. Chemical filtration, on the other hand, is required when pollutants have dissolved into the water. It removes dissolved particles by using activated carbon, […]

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