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8 Things to Know about a Refugium

If you are fish hobbyist you may have heard the word refugium.  But what exactly is it and why do people use it?  A refugium is used to make separate sections in an aquarium. It allows sharing of water of the main tank in separate areas in an attached or inclusive space. The word refugium […]

Aquarium Technology: Automatic Top off Systems (ATO)

For your aquarium to function at its optimal level, it’s important that the level of the water inside it is monitored. Automatic top off units help you with exactly that!  Regardless of temperature, water evaporates all the time. Over time, the gradual evaporation results in considerable water loss which consequently causes an increase in the […]

Performing a Water Test and Aquarium pH Levels

Your aquarium is not just an equipment that showcases your collection of colorful fish. It is also a science project for you. You have to know the science behind keeping it healthy for your fish.  Doing a water test is the best way to determine if your aquarium water is pure. It is also a […]

Top 6 Aquarium Maintenance Tips for You

Fish are one of the most amazing pets you can ever have. The various colors and shapes of fish give a unique experience to your eyes every day.  An aquarium adds a different kind of décor to your home. Over time, the fish inside it almost become family to you. As an obligation, making sure […]

Aquarium Cycle and New Fish Tanks

Aquarium cycle is an important process that you should know when starting a new fish tank.  It goes by many names, like nitrogen cycle, break-in cycle, start-up cycle, or new aquarium cycle.  When it kills off your fish, it is known as new tank syndrome.  Let’s look at what makes up the aquarium cycle, and why it […]

Should I Worry About Nitrates In My Aquarium?

Aquarium Maintenance is a difficult job! It is not just about feeding the fish and cleaning out the tank. You have to know about the chemicals that are affecting the ecosystem of your fish tank such as aquarium nitrates.  Many people who are just starting out with their aquarium wouldn’t have an idea about these […]

How to Control Aquarium Algae Growth?

Algae growth is a very common problem for a freshwater fish tank to have. It is not such a bad thing if you can keep it under control.  When it starts to cling on tank walls and decorations, then you have to watch out for it! You can control algae growth if you keep it […]

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