Top 6 Aquarium Maintenance Tips for You

Fish are one of the most amazing pets you can ever have. The various colors and shapes of fish give a unique experience to your eyes every day.  An aquarium adds a different kind of décor to your home. Over time, the fish inside it almost become family to you. As an obligation, making sure that the fish in your aquarium remain healthy is your job.  Aquarium maintenance requires a lot of effort. It is not a very difficult task but it is certainly tedious. Meticulous details need your full attention!  A regular routine is required for aquarium maintenance. Let’s see some of the top tips for keeping your fish tank well-maintained!

1. Keep the Aquarium Cycle Running

Aquarium cycle also known as the nitrogen cycle is an important part of aquarium maintenance. It begins the second your tank is populated. It is a natural cycle where the ammonia produced in the tank is replaced by nitrite. Ammonia is dangerous for the fish. Nitrite turns into Nitrate which is less harmful for the fish. You have to make sure this cycle keeps running smoothly. It removes excess Nitrate from the tank.  Add plants into your tank and remove any dead plants. New plants consume nitrates and dead plants increase ammonia. Change the water in your tank every week. Keep doing partial water changes to keep the level of Nitrates low in the water.

2. Remove Unnecessary Algae Growth

Algae grows naturally in the tank. However, excess growth can affect the beauty of the tank. Keep removing it to control its growth.  Frequent partial water changes will help with algae.

3. Clean the Outside of the Tank

Keep the glass of the tank clean to make sure that lighting flows into it without disruptions.

4. Change the Filters

The filters installed in the tank have a specific life. They should be replaced or cleaned regularly. Any replacement can be made as per the instructions on their box.

5. Remove Gravel

Gravel at the bottom of the tank sometimes has fish waste and leftover food. Vacuum this gravel out of the tank with a wet vacuum.

6. Establish a Routine

Create a specific daily, weekly and monthly routine for aquarium maintenance. For instance, on a daily basis you can check if the tank’s equipment is running well. Likewise, you can count your wish every week to see if any fish are dying. A routine will make sure you don’t miss anything!  Aquarium maintenance needs the correct tools, techniques and routines to follow. You can keep your fish happy and healthy if you keep their ecosystem up to the mark. Keeping the functionality of the fish tank in check is vital in this process.

You also have to take regular care of the fish. For more aquarium maintenance tips like these keep visiting FishTanksAndMore.Com. Our pets bring excitement into our world. There’s nothing we wouldn’t do to keep them safe! If you have some amazing tips like these, do share with us in the comments section!

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