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Aquarium Technology: Automatic Top off Systems (ATO)

For your aquarium to function at its optimal level, it’s important that the level of the water inside it is monitored. Automatic top off units help you with exactly that!  Regardless of temperature, water evaporates all the time. Over time, the gradual evaporation results in considerable water loss which consequently causes an increase in the […]

Aquarium Technology: Fish Tank Lighting

Proper fish tank lighting is a crucial part of setting up a fish tank. It is essential for the good health and growth of aquarium inhabitants. Take some time to learn about tank lighting before devising a lighting plan for your aquarium.  This article will help you in choosing the right lights for your aquarium.  […]

Aquarium Technology: UV Sterilizers

UV sterilizer is a device that is installed in aquariums to get rid of unwanted bacteria and parasites that can cause diseases like Ich disease in aquarium inhabitants. It is a preventive measure that you should take to keep your fish healthy.  UV sterilizers also help in keeping aquarium water crystal clean. They make use […]

RO/DI Water Filters: What You Should Know?

As a new fish tank owner the words RO/DI wouldn’t be making much sense to you.  Though, you probably understand water filtration. It is an absolute must for the health of your fish. Many people don’t understand the type of filtration needed in their tanks.  That’s where RO/DI units for filtration come in. To keep […]

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