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Turtle Tank Video and Photos

Today I want to share some turtle tank video and some turtle tank news.  The turtle tank has been settling in and I have been fine tuning the sump.  The sump socks need to be changed every three days. For best performance of water throughput I need to change them, or find a new solution.  […]

Big Fish Tanks And The Turtle Tank Project

Before we get to the turtle tank, my family and I just got back from vacation.  One of my favorite places to go is Sea World in Orlando.  My family has the annual pass.  My pass is the Guy Harvey Commemorative Pass , which cost me an extra $5.00 bucks, which I like to remind […]

Turtle Tank: We Have Sump, Water and Turtles

The turtle tank basic sump plumbing has been completed.  I chose not to hard plumb and opted for tubing.  It all started with grandiose ideas of hard plumbing the sump with colored schedule 40 pvc.  Watched YouTube videos. I planned to purchase all the check valves and shutoff valves.  Realizing that I am not running […]

Turtle Tank Build and The DIY To Date

I have not posted a project entry for the Turtle Tank Project the last couple of weeks, but I have been keeping our followers on Twitter up to date.  If you want to see up to the minute updates and extra pics not on the site, follow us @FishTanksMore.  It has been crazy how much […]

Distractions, Home Improvement and The Turtle Tank Build

We didn’t get much done on the turtle tank this last weekend.  If you were following on Twitter, I made the mistake of looking at the stain colors for the tank stand.   As we were looking at the stains, we started looking at the entertainment center, the hallway that I just covered with wood, and […]

Chord Hide and Canopy of Turtle Tank Project

If you are keeping track of the Turtle Tank Project on Twitter, you will know that after the last weekend, when I fell through the ceiling, I broke a wire between the thermostat and the external air conditioning unit.  We went about two and half days without cold air.  In Miami, that means the house […]

Progress and Setbacks in the Turtle Tank Build

I would love to say everything goes as planned when doing DIY projects of this nature.  They don’t!  It doesn’t matter how many You Tube videos you watch in preparation.  No amount of due diligence keeps you from making mistakes.  The plain truth is that if you have never done it before, you will have […]

Turtle Tank Stand Frame Has Been Completed!

So just having the turtle tank frame completed is a huge accomplishment!  We don’t have a lot of space in the house, so I needed to sell the 90 gallon aquarium first, so that there would be room to proceed with the build.  I was actually worried about that part.  Before deciding to build, I […]

Turtle Tank Build – Planning, Planning, Planning

One of the reasons I take on projects like this turtle tank, is to forget about work.  Building something from raw materials makes me feel less like a computer geek.  Unfortunately, it seems that all I am doing is planning for this tank, making me feel more like a computer geek.  The planning, the researching […]

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