Distractions, Home Improvement and The Turtle Tank Build

We didn’t get much done on the turtle tank this last weekend.  If you were following on Twitter, I made the mistake of looking at the stain colors for the tank stand.   As we were looking at the stains, we started looking at the entertainment center, the hallway that I just covered with wood, and the kitchen cabinets.  Next thing I know, we are painting the walls in the living room.  The second that began, there was no room for me to work on the stand.  We had to pull the entertainment center away from the wall so we could paint.  We have about 20 different devices connected behind the entertainment center, which means 20+ chords and 4 surge protectors.  They add up to one giant mess of cords.  I spent half a day removing and untying the mess of knots and cables.  I did however take the time to stain some of the boards I am using for the stand.  Work will continue this weekend.

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