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Chord Hide and Canopy of Turtle Tank Project

If you are keeping track of the Turtle Tank Project on Twitter, you will know that after the last weekend, when I fell through the ceiling, I broke a wire between the thermostat and the external air conditioning unit.  We went about two and half days without cold air.  In Miami, that means the house […]

Progress and Setbacks in the Turtle Tank Build

I would love to say everything goes as planned when doing DIY projects of this nature.  They don’t!  It doesn’t matter how many You Tube videos you watch in preparation.  No amount of due diligence keeps you from making mistakes.  The plain truth is that if you have never done it before, you will have […]

Turtle Tank Stand Frame Has Been Completed!

So just having the turtle tank frame completed is a huge accomplishment!  We don’t have a lot of space in the house, so I needed to sell the 90 gallon aquarium first, so that there would be room to proceed with the build.  I was actually worried about that part.  Before deciding to build, I […]

Turtle Tank Build – Planning, Planning, Planning

One of the reasons I take on projects like this turtle tank, is to forget about work.  Building something from raw materials makes me feel less like a computer geek.  Unfortunately, it seems that all I am doing is planning for this tank, making me feel more like a computer geek.  The planning, the researching […]

Turtle Tank Build Plan – It Starts with a 110 Gallon Tank and a Sump

The new sump has arrived! Trigger Systems Ruby Red 30 I received the new sump for the build. It is a test of patience to see the pieces of the new aquarium setup and not be able to do anything with them. I ordered a Trigger System Ruby Red 30 from Reef2Land ( This is […]

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