Here at, we like to pay it forward and provide a platform that people can blog and write about their favorite stories, experiences and helpful hints while enjoying the rewarding hobby of keeping aquariums.

  • Do you have a good way to maintain the right flow of water in your tank?
  • Do you have a hint on how to save time when maintaining your tank?
  • Is there a hack you use that everyone will be super impressed with?
  • Do you have an opinion on the best way to keep your plants growing?
  • Just have a good enjoyable aquarium keeping story to share?

If you answered yes to any of the above, or have a different item to share, then we want to hear from you.  We have implemented guest post submission functionality on our site.  You just have to be a registered user and you can submit posts for consideration.

We will consider any post, but there is no guarantee that a post will become live on the site.  All posts and their content remain yours.  We do not ask for exclusivity.  We will post the article and you may request its removal at anytime via email.

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