Turtle Tank Build Plan – It Starts with a 110 Gallon Tank and a Sump

The new sump has arrived! Trigger Systems Ruby Red 30

I received the new sump for the build. It is a test of patience to see the pieces of the new aquarium setup and not be able to do anything with them. I ordered a Trigger System Ruby Red 30 from Reef2Land (https://www.reef2land.com/). This is the second time I have ordered from them, and I am happy with both orders. The first was for the Trigger Systems Cube in the 60 gallon aquarium.

Anticipation and Patience

I am so excited, but I have a laundry list of items to get done before starting on the actual assembly. It makes me feel like a kid, when I built out my 10 gallon aquariums. I had three going at one time when I was 16. The first was a saltwater aquarium with three fish and one sea horse. The second aquarium was half land and half water with salamanders. The third was a planted freshwater with catfish and red tailed sharks. Back then, I couldn’t imagine having a 75 gallon, let alone a 110 gallon. More importantly, back then, I had no idea what I was doing.  Today, I think I just scratch the surface of what is possible and what should be avoided.

My High Level Plans

And today, I still have those feelings of “What have I gotten myself into?” I want to say I am an expert, but sadly, I am just a hobbyist trying to keep the nicest, cleanest and healthiest looking aquarium I can. To that end, I am going to try some things I have never attempted and some things I have done, but just want to do better (Not in any specific order):

  • Electrical plugs placed in just the right position for hiding the wires.
  • Run two water lines through the walls and the attic to the laundry room where I have my RO/DI system and sink. I am hoping to hit a switch to drain water to the laundry room and open a valve to fill water to the tank. No more siphoning water and carrying buckets.
  • Build a stand that has the interior optimized for sump maintenance.
  • Have water detection devices placed within the stand to identify leaks.
  • Build the canopy to hide the turtle lamps (UV and Heat lamp)

I am waiting for my 90 gallon aquarium on Craigslist to sell. I need the space to start setting everything up.  Then, I need to have an electrician run the power and need to install the water lines.  So much to do before I can even build the stand…

I will keep you posted on my project progress. I post pics and thoughts to my twitter account, so follow me @FishTanksMore.


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