Benefits of a Fish Tank in your Office

We can spend more time in our office than we do at home so anything we can do to make the environment more pleasant and beneficial to our health has to be a good thing. Adding a fish tank to the office could be just the boost your workplace needs.

Aquariums are renowned not only for being beautiful to look at, attracting the eye of visitors, clients and staff alike, but they can also have a calming effect and benefit the workplace in other ways as well. Here are some key benefits to having a fish tank in your office:

Improve the way the office looks

Offices can be incredibly drab and boring places at the best of times so adding in a fish tank with an array of bright coloured fish can really bring the place to life. The movement and colour of the fish will instantly add vibrancy and change the atmosphere, making first impressions of the office much better than they were before.

There are many different colours and styles to go for – if you want to be really corporate you could opt for fish in your brand colours! The choices are endless but adding a fish tank will really enhance the way the office looks.

A fish tank is easy to look after and not disruptive

Having fish in the office needn’t be distracting to staff who are working hard, concentrating on a big project. A fish tank shouldn’t be noisy and the fish themselves are also noiseless, making them the perfect addition for any office.

A fish tank is also easy to look after, with minimal fuss and maintenance required, so no arguing over whose turn it is to feed the fish or muck them out! A simple feeding and cleaning rota will take care of all that meaning no-one gets lumbered with looking after the tank all the time.

Fish can help boost customer mood

Fish have long been proven to help to reduce stress and improve mood, thanks to the hypnotic movement of these creatures through the water. Just watching fish swimming for a few minutes has been proven to enhance mood and lower stress so another great reason to have a tank in the office.

If you have a waiting room where customers are sat stressing, or worrying, adding a fish tank could really help to improve the ambience and help people to relax while waiting to be seen, creating a much calmer atmosphere.

Reduce staff stress levels

If your staff are stressed out then installing a fish tank in a communal area, such as where they sit to eat or grab coffee, could really help to lower stress levels across the office. As staff spend time sitting and watching the fish swim, they will start to feel more relaxed and focussed, providing a great free and beneficial service for all employees.

Benefit staff health

Studies have shown that watching fish can improve our wellbeing, leading to reduced blood pressure and lower heart rates. When we feel better we perform and work better so having fish in the office can not only benefit our health but also our level of productivity.

Improve productivity levels

Staff who are feeling relaxed and in a good mood, thanks to some fish watching, will be far more inclined to work harder and achieve more, than when they are feeling stressed out and uptight over issues.

Not only will having a fish tank in the office bring colour and an improved atmosphere, it could also help support business by helping to keep staff more relaxed and motivated to get things done quickly and efficiently.

Create a team bonding opportunity

Planning a fish tank for the office can be used as a team bonding opportunity if you get everyone involved in choosing the fish tank style, the decorations, the plants and of course, the fish themselves.

You could even choose a fish for each person in the office so they all have their own watery representative which they can turn to and watch when they are feeling stressed out our anxious about something at work.

Having a fish tank in the office can bring any number of benefits to the staff, customers and visitors and to the actual building itself, improving the atmosphere and helping to bring colour and life to the place.

Fish are renowned for their calming, soothing effect so if you have a reception/waiting area of anxious customers, or lots of regular staff sickness due to high stress levels, then consider installing fish tanks in the office to help counteract some of this negativity.

Installing a fish tank can give an office an instant facelift while giving all the employees and customers and instant feel-good boost at the same time, with minimal disruption.

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