7 Exotic Aquarium Pets That You Should Know

Sure, everyone loves to watch cute, colorful fish swim around in circles, following bubbles and minding their own business but aquariums are good for more than just fish. You can always add exotic aquarium pets to spice things up in your aquarium!  An aquarium can get boring after some time. Watching same old regular fish can be dreary. You should consider adding a not-so-common pet to your aquarium to keep things interesting.  Getting any of the following 7 exotic pets is a sure way of adding the wow-factor to your aquarium.

#1 Freshwater Crayfish, jazzing up the tank!

If you want a funky looking aquarium, a stunning blue Crayfish is the right candidate for the job! It is an interesting aquarium inhabitant that gets along with fish. Their heavy claws make it difficult to catch small fish.  Crayfish are omnivorous and usually do not go after other fish.

#2 Fire Bellied, the poisonous toad

Fire Bellied Toad can be a very interesting aquarium inhabitant. It is a brightly colored specie of frog that is found in Asia and Europe. It is named fire bellied because of its brightly colored belly that is usually yellow, red or blue.  Fire Bellied toad is mildly poisonous and may cause skin sensitivity so be careful!

#3 The Red Clawed Crab

Red clawed crab thrives best in a tank that is set-up especially for them. They make excellent tank mates with fish that prefers to stay in the upper levels of the water in the tank. Its large red claws are sure to catch the admiring eyes of your friends and family!

#4 Octopus, one needy pal

Octopus is nothing like ordinary fish. It is a beautiful and intelligent animal that is suitable for house tanks. Despite being high-maintenance, octopus is gaining popularity at a surprising rate.  Being shy by naturally, octopus require time to develop a relationship with human keepers. Octopus is one animal that takes its privacy very seriously! You can keep only one octopus in one tank.

#5 Freshwater Shrimp, tank clean-up team!

Freshwater shrimps are an excellent alternative for fish. These amusing little guys love to keep the tank clean. They spend a lot of time just scavenging the tank for bits of food and go crazy for algae.  Red Cherry shrimps and Blue Dream shrimps are the two most popular choices because they have beautiful striking, bold colors and are easily manageable. Other species like Amano shrimp are often kept as pets because they are excellent tank cleaners.

#6 What’s new? The Fire Bellied Newt

Fire Bellied Newt is native to Japan and China. It is a low maintenance pet that can live for up to 25 to 30 years in captivity with proper care. These newts have bright yellow or red bellies.  Like many other brightly colored animals, Fire Bellied Newt can release poisonous toxins but it is not poisonous enough to fatally harm human.

#7 Axolotl, always happy to see you!

It is not surprising that Axolotl is a very popular choice among exotic pet lovers. With its cute look and smiling face, this little guy is fun to keep as a pet. Do not forget to check with the authorities before getting yourself a pet axolotl because it is illegal to keep it as a pet in some countries. This is due to its endangered species status.

So which of these 7 exotic fish are you getting for your aquarium?

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