Hello, and Welcome to my Fish Tanks and More Blog!

Today I started posting to the FishTanksAndMore.com twitter account (@fishtanksmore)! I have been waiting to start the blog.  I have a project I will be starting, and I want to share with you all the steps along the way.I am in no way an expert on keeping aquariums, but I have enough experience to share my trials and tribulations along the way.  I hope this blog is two way in that you can learn from me, and I can learn from you as well.  So, please sign up and add comments throughout my journey!

The First Project: Tank Count Reduction

My project is simple!  I want to reduce the number of aquariums here at my house.  Maintenance is getting to be more than I can keep up with.  I will be replacing the two aquariums in the living room with a single 110 gallon 48x18x30 reef ready tank.

First Tank to Go: 90 Gallon Freshwater

When we first moved into the house, we had a small 30 gallon cube that we brought from our little apartment.  Now that we had a larger space, we decided we wanted a bigger aquarium.  I bought a 90 gallon aquarium and proceeded to build out a custom stand and canopy.  My first DIY stand and a huge learning experience.


Second Tank to Go: 60 Gallon Cube Aquatic Turtle Tank

The next aquarium to go is my daughter’s turtle tank.  She has always helped me with the aquariums and all the pets in the house, so we decided to let her have her own aquarium to design.  She shocked me when she said she wanted turtles.  We had just gotten back from Reef A Palooza in Orlando, and I was sure she was going to want a reef tank.  You can read all about the turtle tank on BarkandSqueak.com in the blog “My Life With Pets.”


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