Next Project: Adding a Sump and PVC Overflow To A Standard 75 Gallon Aquarium

I have enjoyed the turning on and off of a pump to make partial water changes in the turtle tank.  I want to extend that to the aquarium in the master bedroom.  I have been way to relaxed about changing the water in this aquarium, and I am paying the price with constant hairy algae blooms.  It just so happens that the aquarium in the bedroom is directly located on the same wall as the Turtle Tank in the living room.  I am going to rely on the same tubing that I ran through the attic to accommodate both aquariums.  I will splice a three way line into the current configuration allowing me to pump old water out through the attic to the laundry room drain.  I will also be able to take advantage of the RO/DI water line to fill the aquarium.

Where to Start?  My Birthday of Course!

I asked Leti to buy me a Trigger Systems Emerald Green 26″ sump for my birthday.  According to shipping, it is two days away, and I can’t wait to get it.  Perfect timing since my birthday is actually in two days as well.  I am trying to keep the cost down on this project.  I plan to build a PVC overflow with a PVC Weir.  I will keep updated progress on the project same as I did with the turtle tank.  I will hopefully start on Saturday of this week.

Below is a picture of what the tank once looked like.  I would like to keep it this way once I get the projected completed.  Regular water changes are an integral part of being able to maintain the aquarium.

What Do I Plan On Completing?

Below is my first short list of what I want to accomplish during this project:

  1. Implement a PVC Overflow with Weir
  2. Include a sump with additional filtration
  3. Water Changing with a Pump and RO/DI Line
  4. Remove current under gravel filter and replace substrate
  5. Half the tank will be gravel substrate for growing and rooting plants
  6. Half the tank will be white sand
  7. Include flat shale rocks with small slitted caves for the Brown Kuhli loaches

Time will tell if I can keep to this list or if it grows or shrinks.  I am hoping to hit this one perfect within the least amount of time possible, but we shall see how it goes.

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