Aquarium Technology: UV Sterilizers

UV sterilizer is a device that is installed in aquariums to get rid of unwanted bacteria and parasites that can cause diseases like Ich disease in aquarium inhabitants. It is a preventive measure that you should take to keep your fish healthy.  UV sterilizers also help in keeping aquarium water crystal clean. They make use […]

Starting a Reef Tank

Reef tanks are way more interesting than an ordinary fish tank but they also require more time and care. If you are planning to start a reef tank, it is important to start off by doing some research. Get the right equipment and fish for your tank and be patient.  This article will guide you […]

Turtle Tank Video and Photos

Today I want to share some turtle tank video and some turtle tank news.  The turtle tank has been settling in and I have been fine tuning the sump.  The sump socks need to be changed every three days. For best performance of water throughput I need to change them, or find a new solution.  […]

7 Exotic Aquarium Pets That You Should Know

Sure, everyone loves to watch cute, colorful fish swim around in circles, following bubbles and minding their own business but aquariums are good for more than just fish. You can always add exotic aquarium pets to spice things up in your aquarium!  An aquarium can get boring after some time. Watching same old regular fish can be […]

Stocking Guidelines: How Many Fish Can I Keep?

Choosing how many fish for your aquarium includes many important factors.  Not only do you have to keep in mind various factors related to fish, but you also have to consider the features of your fish tank.  The stocking guidelines for your aquarium include many more things than just the number of fish you can put inside it and […]

Big Fish Tanks And The Turtle Tank Project

Before we get to the turtle tank, my family and I just got back from vacation.  One of my favorite places to go is Sea World in Orlando.  My family has the annual pass.  My pass is the Guy Harvey Commemorative Pass , which cost me an extra $5.00 bucks, which I like to remind […]

Biological Filtration: The Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle

A healthy aquarium requires proper filtration. It can be of 3 types, mechanical, chemical and biological filtration. Mechanical filter physically strains the water to remove fish waste, the leftover fish food, dust or sludge polluting the water. Chemical filtration, on the other hand, is required when pollutants have dissolved into the water. It removes dissolved particles by using activated carbon, […]

Planted Aquarium Basics

In addition to adding color to your aquarium, plants also absorb excess nitrates from the fish tank.  A planted aquarium creates an ecosystem for the fish which is similar to their natural habitat. aquarium plants also convert CO2 into Oxygen for the fish to breathe. Last but not at all the least, they provide shelter for […]

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